How much does it cost to buy a Sovereign Country ?
We are working on an amazing and pretty crazy idea for creating a Structure, called for example "Floating-Cities Colony", or just COLONY (Humankind's Colony), located in the Ocean, in International Waters, out of all the Territorial Waters and Exclusive Economic Zones, for example - in the region with calm seas and (sub)tropical climate, like this fixed location in the middle of the shortest distance between Portugal shoreline and Madeira Islands, or elsewhere.  Another idea is the Colony to float around the world, visiting various nice places.
A similar idea is already in implementation in the Pacific, French Polynesia, by the Seasteading Institute
The basic difference between their project and ours, is our intention to put our Colony in high-seas, in deep international waters, far from the land and with no relationships with any country and government. The Seasteading's Founders want to build a small colony near the Polynesian coast, in a calm-sea bay, in Polynesian territorial waters, under Polynesian (actually French) Rules and Governance. Which totally spoils and ruins the idea for a Free Independent Nation, the main idea and the engine of our Project.

The fixed base location above has been chosen by the following criteria :

1. Warm, but not too hot Climate.

2. Relatively Calm Seas, no Hurricanes, no Tsunamis, moderate Winds & Rains.

3. Close to the Land.

4. Close to Europe. ( the Founders' are mostly Europeans ) .

There are also Seabed Elevations in this particular point, suitable for anchoring the floating structure to a shallower sea bottom.

There are also appointed several more, possible locations on the map above, but with more compromises.

Here are some more maps, showing data of possible natural disasters :
Nat . Disasters
According to the maps above, only Floods could be considered as some kind of disasters for the given region, which means there are seasonal heavy rains. Which is not so bad, because our Colony will need huge quantities of fresh tap water.
Ship Traffic in the Gibraltar Strait area is one of the densest in the world. Which could be good, if we want our Colony to become a famous International Port, Offshore Sea-Logistics destination and a vibrant Trade Center.
                                                                   Ship Traffic Gibraltar Strait

The Colony's Purpose will be establishing a new, Politically-Independent, Sovereign NATION or FEDERATION of Independent Nations, based on maximum FREEDOM for its Citizens to choose freely and independently, in a fair Direct-Democracy Process, the preferred Political and Economical Governance they would like to have on their island, plus the full system of Laws, Rules and Regulations .

There are a lot of opinions, relating similar ideas to the LIBERTARIAN political philosophy. We have no such a mandatory intention as a political base of our Project, because we have a lot of questions to the Libertarians, but anyone frustrated and crashed by the today's politics and some of the 193 Governments around the Globe, adopted the right to rule a mankind of 7.6 Billion people, will find here the right place for his personal and business development, in a maximum-friendly, peaceful and paradise-beautiful environment with low (or no) Taxes, liberal Laws, Humanity-Based Laws and Regulations, etc.

The Colony's Founders will have a decisive vote at the start-up democratic process of choosing the specific form of Governance, Laws, Rules and Regulations.


The Colony will be built on Floating Platforms (Islands), made of Basalt-Fiber Composite (BFC) Assembly-Modular Elements, at an EXTREMELY LOW COST . , .

The BFC structural material is an Extremely Strong "Bone Structure", Lighter than Wood, Stainless, Waterproof, Firepoof, Chemically (Salty Water), Abrasion and UV-Resistant, Thermally-Insulating, 100% Ecologically Clean and Renewable and EXTREMELY CHEAP, thanks to our original Hydrogen-Based Low-Power and Low-Cost Technology. , ,


Using the BFC Technology, we can build various GIANT FLOATING STRUCTURES with UNLIMITED AREA, in the middle of the OCEAN, in deep waters, at an extremely LOW COST.

Here are some examples of similar projects, but no one of them is suitable for us, because all of them are intended to be put in relatively calm seas and close to the mainland, means in somebody's EEZ and under somebody's impact, while our project intends to create a giant floating structure at least 200 miles far from the land, and far from any kind of impact, out of the EEZs, in Unclaimed International Waters.

For example, we can build both On-Top, or 30-40m FULLY-SUBMERSIBLE Floating Structures, avoiding the ocean waves during the storms, then popping-up back to the surface again after the storm is gone, similar to the project on the pictures below:

Creating Submersible Inhabitable Structures will be the first step to mastering the seas and oceans for Mankind's Waterworld's Expansion - not only as a vast territory on the surface, but also as a huge sub-sea space with unlimited industrial, commercial and nature-saving opportunities.

Everyday-living in a high-seas environment, will increase the perception of the Ocean as a Home, and will raise the responsiblity for its protection and 100% clean maintenance.

However, such structures will have an extremely high level of high-pressure-safety requirements, which will make them incredibly expensive, even made of super-cheap and super-strong BFC.

Another issue is the Psychological Factor. People don't like to live in a submarine. It is quite unnatural, even scary and uncomfortable.

Those are the main reasons all similar project in the past to fail.

Nevertheless, the future technologies development will hopefully provide the needed for creating such a habitat and make it super-attractive for every-day, high-class living.

Or we can build one or more huge and mighty Floating Brakewater Rings around our city, as designed by the Seasteading Institute, shown on the picture below, protecting it from high Waves, which will provide a relatively Calm-Sea Lagoon inside the Ring.

The huge size of the Breakwater allows to be made hollow and a lot of infrastructure to be placed inside, like for example the Vertical Farms for food production, the Hydrogen Power & Fuel Plants, etc.

Brakewaters will be also Tidal Power Plants, producing Power non-stop, 24/7.
We can also use the huge engineering experience, piled for the last decades by the Big Oil Industry in using the Semi-Submersible Oil Rigs for drilling. The biggest Rig made by this technology so far, is 150x110m large.  Jointing together several platforms like this, we can achieve a very large area and space for building the residential and industrial infrastructure of our Colony. The monsterous mass and size of such a structure and its high elevation over the sea surface, can withstand even the highest and fiercest waves and storms.
Our Floating Colony could be built on many Floating BFC-Modular Platforms as the shown above, with UNLIMITED summary sizes (could be Square Miles of area ), connected with each other by floating or hanging BFC-Modular Roads / Bridges. And yes, the cost of such a construction will be tens of times lower than if it is made out of traditional materials and with traditional technologies.


We can also make our Platforms like regular large-size Tanker Ships, jointed together, equipped with powerful  HYDROGEN ENGINES , making the such integrated Platform MOVE TO CALMER SEAS, nearby, or even cruising around the Globe, at a low cost, if needed.

We can joint together unlimited number of ships, thus creating unlimited summary area for building various structures on our floating island - from family houses, to multi-story towers, grass fields, tropical gardens, etc.  

Ships could be also made detachable, for moving on their own, each of them.

Inside the ships' holds we'll install all the Industrial, Power-Generating, Vertical-farm Food-Production, SeaWater-DeIonization Plant, etc. Service infrastructure. Some Residential and Office units could be roomed there as well.

This option looks the best and cheapest, among all.

It'll need no huge Brakewater Barriers, neither enormous, heavy and super-expensive Rigs for solving the Big Waves problem. The Ship-Like design will allow a much lower cost, and a perfect flexible maneuverability for fleeing away fast to other location, if the weather forecast for the present location is bad.

This option will literally allow Cruise Trips around the World .

The Structure will be made of several super-large (250m x 50m x 50m) Ship Bodies, connected by on-top and/or lower Assembly-Modular Decks, thus forming Vast Floating Islands. Islands could be connected, or not connected between each other, in Archipelagos.

Here is a simple diagram for a version of the basic modular construction of our Islands.


Module A ("Block") won't exist separately, it'll be 1/5 integral part of the basic Module B ("Ship"), sized 250 x 50 x 50m, about 30 times higher than a regular person 1.70m tall. Five Modules B will make one Module C ("Island"), sized 250 x 250m. This will be our ISLAND. It'll have six Hydrogen (MOH Gas)-Fueled thruster / maneuver Engines for autonomous propulsion locally and around the Globe.

Modules will be assembled in box-shapes, built of SOH-Gas-Welded Wall and Floor Panels, made of extremely strong, lightweight, stainless, waterproof, fireproof, UV-proof and super-cheap Basalt-Fiber Composite. Panels will be strongly welded together, forming an extremely strong and unbreakable box. This Module-B Box will be our basic element, which could not be dismantled.

Each Module B will have joint elements for assembling together with other B-modules. All B-Modules will be detachable in case of repair etc., if needed.

Also, each Module B will have a joint for installing its own Engine, for autonomous propulsion as a Ship or a Barge.

The Cost of Construction, no matter how giant, peculiar, never-built this Floating Structure is, will be a dozens of times lower than the cheapest vessels, made by the traditional ship-building technologies, materials and consumables. This is because of the cheap Basalt-Fiber Composite material used, and the low-cost energy, supplied by the SOH Gas Power Plant, for welding and else energy-consuming operations.


Despite of its gigantic sizes and cubic shape, the Island will be extremely maneuverable on sea and will move relatively fast.

Our main task after building the Island, will be the building of Airplane Runway and a Port.

We have designed two versions of Runways - a 500m long, side-attached, and a 600m long, diagonally-placed.

Both runways will be capable to accept planes of the Boeing-737-size.

Both designs have their advantages and drawbacks.

Every pilot will say the longer runway is better, but it divides our Colony into two pieces with hard access to each other. Also, we intend to build multistory buildings from both sides of the runway, which won't be good in safety regard. So for the moment the shorter, side-attached design looks better for us, though pilots think different.

                                       A possible version of our Colony growth after 30-40 years.

For comparison, the largest ship in the world for the moment is Harmony of the Seas, 356m long and 65m wide, with :

18 total decks with 16 guest decks

2,747 staterooms, 1,768 balconies

– There are 4 bow thrusters with 7,600 horse power each

– 24 guest elevators

– 7 distinct ‘neighbourhoods

– 8 specialty restaurants and 4,908 total restaurant seating

– 11,252 works of art showcased throughout the ship

– 4,700,000 lbs. (2,150 tons) of water in 23 swimming pools, whirlpools, two FlowRider surf simulators and waterslides

– A 10 story, 100-foot drop with The Ultimate Abyss, the tallest slide at sea

– The fastest Internet at sea

We think this ship is a good beginning to think about the size and the structure of our Colony.

We'll need about TEN ships, bigger than this, just for the beginning.

Of course, using our ultra-cheap BFC technology, the building of our ships will be times cheaper than of the Harmony's .

What you can't see on this ship, are large parks, gardens and green open spaces, which will be mandatory for our Project.
Our ships will be able to elevate their basic-deck level up to 25m over the seawater surface, in bad weather and large waves conditions, and to get down close to the surface, in calm sea conditions. If fiercer storms and hurricanes are coming, the Captain will be authorized to take a Flee-Away Decision .

The Bad-Weather Alarm and the Sail-Away Decision will be made after a detailed analysis, made after collecting enough data from the local Satellite Weather Forecast and also from Drones, sent miles away to investigate at site the situation with the seas and skies around the Colony's location point, and the upcoming weather events.

The Hydrogen Ship-Propulsion Engines will consume H2-Based Clean Fuel (MOH Gas), produced in unlimited volumes, out of Seawater, on-board the Colony, at an extremely low cost.

There will be also an Airplane / Drone Runway and a Port for unlimited-size sea-vessels with a Container Terminal attached.

The longest  aircraft carrier is 360m long, which is about the limit for a Boeing 737 -

Two or more ships, similar to that carrier, but with much simpler design, could be attached to each other for achieving a longer runway capable to accept bigger airplanes.

Our Colony could be developed as a vibrant International Port, Airport and Cargo-Logistic Trade Center, perfectly located for that job.
Using our low-cost BFC construction technology and the floating/ship design, both main obstacles - the Expensive Floating Construction and the Wave & Storm Issues for implementing our Project, will be fully solved.


In SOCIAL Aspect, every single Platform will play its specific ROLE and could have its specific rules and governance, as a part of a Federal Union.

For example, some of the Platforms will be Residential, others will be Office, Business or Industrial, or for Sports and Entertainment, etc.

Some of the Platforms will be assigned for younger people and families, with a noisier lifestyle and modern/futuristic environment preference.

Other, for elderly people, much quieter, with classic/historical environment with more green areas, etc.

There could be the possibility to INDIVIDUALIZE some of the Platforms, according to the preferences of various social groups, as for example : Artists' Neighborhood, or Marketplace's, or neighborhood for Business with glass offices, or for Entertainment with Bars and Restaurants, Theaters and Galleries, a Kid's area with large green yards and playgrounds, etc.

According to the citizens' specific preferences and under their explicit decision and consent, neighborhoods/platforms with different Languages, Religions or Sexual or Cultural or Ethnic / Race, Age, Wealth, etc. specifics, could be individualized as well.

The main RULE will be : Maximum comfort for the citizens or citizen groups and their neighbors, without any problems occurring inside or between them.

For RICHER citizens for example, there could be separated, Individual Platforms with large luxury homes, while for the middle-class there will be smaller, but yet modern and comfortable housing neighborhoods, or apartments in higher downtown buildings of flats.


Our technology allows even assembly-modular "SKYSCRAPERS" up to 30 floors and more, to be built on the floating Platforms, similar to the largest Cruise Ships, with a possibility for adding subsea balancing structure under the platform (Aquaponic Farms for example).

All buildings up on the Platforms will be built by the same Assembly-Modular BFC technology, at a very low cost.

The BFC 3D-PRINT Technology offers unlimited options for creating one-of-a-kind architectural masterpieces and landscapes.

Various Fine Architectural Styles and High-Class Mastership in design and construction of all the elements and the smallest details of the Colony's environment, will be a mandatory.

Our Colony must become the world's most beautiful and attractive, a real  Paradise place for living.

Entire NeighborhoodsCOPIED from famous European and World's urban masterpieces, could be also welcomed. 

There will be lots of Moorings and Ports around. In fact, every single coastal property will have its own Mooring place. 
Boats will be the main transportation around, and Hydrogen-Fueled Fishing-Boats will be a significant part of the Colony's Economy, but not the single one. There will be larger Ships and Water Planes, and in the future, when Colony expands with miles-long roadsFlying Cars and Drones as well, all of them H2-Fueled.

All the main Energy and all the Fuel needed by the City, will be provided by a Hydrogen Power and Fuel Plant, producing Clean Power, Heat, Cold, and Clean Fuel - MOH Gas, out of Seawater, at an extremely low cost (<$0.10/kg).

There could be also PV Solar and Wind Power Plants on top of the buildings, as a supporting Power Generation option.

"Zero-Waste" will be a main rule for the Colony's lifestyle. 
All the wastes, waste waters, gases, etc., will be fully-recycled, or MOH-Gas-plasma-flame-annihilated.

Seawater will be desalinated and deionized in unlimited quantities into fresh and clean tap water and irrigation water for the Colony's Hydroponic Farms, by on-board installation, powered by the SOH Gas Power Plant, at a cost, close to zero.
Relatively high volumes of showers are expected at the chosen Colony's location, which could be a significant source of water too. . Another source is the water vapor from the air, which could be chilled and condensed into 100% clean drinkable water, by a special technology of ours,  powered by a SOH Gas Power Plant, at a super-low cost.

The main food resource in our Colony will come for the large Hydroponic and Aquaculture Farms, also Poultry, Rabbit, etc. Farms, roomed in the large holds of the floating Platform. These Farms will produce enough food for covering all the Colony's needs, and for export as well.
Large quantities of various foods will be imported too.

Starting as a regular International Offshore Business Entity, and a Tourist, Entertainment and Offshore-Business Centre, the Colony, except its High-Class Residential and Politically-Independent Free-Society Purpose and Foundations, will be based on a strong Economical Background and Giant-Income-Generating industry, producing and exporting mainly Clean Fuels and Systems as Gas-Electric and Reaction Engines, Generators, Turbines, Drones, Graphene Batteries and SuperCapacitors, High-Tech Electronics, IT and Internet-Based Services, BFC-Structural Products, High-Price Aquaculture Foods, etc. TOURISM - SCIENTIFIC, EDUCATIONAL, high-class  HEALTH  & MEDICAL SERVICES, OFFSHORE BANKING, LOGISTIC and CUSTOMS SERVICES will also generate significant incomes.

The Colony will become a serious Venture Capital and Financial Markets Player soon.

Hydroponic Farms for Green Foods ( , 12 crops per year) or for Aquaculture - Fish, Crabs, Shrimps, Algae, also for small Animals; also Marinas, Beaches, Playgrounds, Gardens, Shopping Centers, etc., will be built on some of the Platforms.

Our Project will be funded by a group of private investors, with an option for Cryptocurrency-Based funding as well, for example  :

The Colony Founders will charge for example $30,000 as a minimum basic "Citizenship's Fee", every candidate for Citizen. 
For higher-class candidates, with higher demands and requirements, this fee could be much higher. 
There will be no fee for tourists, guests and temporal residents for a definite term.

For the start-up level of let say 50,000 citizens, it means an amount of minimum 1,500,000,000 (1.5 Billion) dollars to be collected, which will repay the investment of the first stage.


When the critical mass of 50,000 citizens is completed, a  REFERENDUM will take place to define the form of governance of the Colony. It could be a Republic, or a Monarchy, or even a Dictatorship, or else, depending on the citizens' explicit preferences

The same will be with the Religion and the Constitution, and all the basic rules, etc. of the Colony.

Also for Colony's own Defense and/or Police Armed-Force Structures.

First steps for international recognition will be made for the Colony, as an Independent Republic.

For the first years, the Colony could be an Offshore and Duty-Free Economic Territory, in order to attract more candidates for Citizens, for it rapid growth. 
Later on this could be changed.
We offer an advanced technology for building Floating Platforms at an extremely low cost, allowing planting and growing by hydroponics, of various Trees on these Platformsand else highly-demanded plants as Oil Palms, Cocoa Trees, Banana Trees, Pineapples, Coffee, Citruses, etc. Species, alongside with Industrial Equipment for their fruits' processing into end products.
Palm Oil is healthful, 49%-saturated, with 0% Cholesterol and Sugar content. It is considered as a reasonable substitute of the trans-fats. Millions of tons of that oil are being produced per year, demand is growing rapidly. Unfortunately, serious problems were reported regarding destruction of the rain forests and rare animals as the Oran-gutan, during the process of cleaning areas for new oil palm plantations. These facts, along with the high price of the land, the piles of papers as approvals and permissions, the high Taxes, Fees and Duties, etc., made us think about a Floating Plantation Option for a better production of that highly-demanded product.
Platforms could be also a perfect base for growing various Aquaculture as Fish, Crabs, Shrimps, Oysters, Algae (as for example the very expensive Spirulina Platensis - $480 per gram), etc., and small animals as chicken, turkeys, rabbits, even small pigs, etc. 
Combined Growing of Palms and Aquaculture / Animals together, could be implemented as well, for maximum efficiency of the Platform's usage.
Using Floating Platforms for Oil Palm growing will be much cheaper than using expensive land for the same purpose, cutting precious forests, destroying animal habitats and killing thousands of animals. It'll eliminate the extreme deforestation, the widespread violations of local populations' land rights, emissions of greenhouse gases, mass-corruption and bribery, and the disappearance of rare plant and animal species like the Orang-utan. All these fact lead the World Bank to halt all its investments in the Palm Oil industry in 2009.
Also, out technology will avoid mountains of Approval Papers needed,  the huge Taxes and Duties, will offer pleasant work conditions for the manpower, and will boost the crops per year by using the modern, super-intensive and 100% clean Agricultural Hydroponic Methods.

Floating Platforms will be actually huge ships, located in the best climate zones for oil palms growing, capable to sail with their own engines, to calmer seas, in case of stormy weather and high waves.

Platforms will be assembled of Modular Elements, made out of Basalt-Fiber Composite (BFC) - a revolutionary material, 3 times stronger, 3 times lighter and 20 times cheaper than Steel.
The extremely low cost of production of that material will assure the final low cost of the entire Platform.

Platforms' sizes could be unlimited, could be built as Multi-Floor BFC-Modular Structures with various Industries, Farms, Residential Flats, Offices, etc.,  placed on each floor. 
Thanks to the Oil Palm's shallow roots (~1m deep, ~5m diam.), and its relatively low trunk, this palm could be successfully grown in-house, in floors (4-5m high), in separated , movable, large Big-Bags with Hydroponic supply of water, fertilizers, medicines, etc. The 24h non-stop Solar-Spectrum LED Lighting will allow the 3 years term, needed for a Palm to start giving fruits, to be decreased at a half, at 1.5 years only.
Several Platforms could be combined in large Floating Islands and even larger and giant Archipelagos.
All the Platform's Power needs will be provided by a MOH Gas Power & Fuel Plant, producing MOH Gas Fuel out of Seawater, at a cost, close to zero.

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